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Donald Trump's ironic "law and order"

Hopefully, this is the last time there’ll ever be any reason for me to draw anything about this stupid asshole.

Ordinarily, one could count on the last month or so of any given President’s term in office to be fairly uneventful, but since we live in the kind of post-satire era that makes movies like RoboCop and Idiocracy look unexaggerated by comparison, we instead were treated last Wednesday to an invasion of the US Capitol building by possibly the dumbest would-be insurrectionists of all-time.

As many news agencies have already pointed out for perspective: the last time any sort of force breached the Capitol building was during the War of 1812. Even the last major rebellion by illiterate racists in America failed to achieve such an objective, and they had an entire army backing them up!

Ah, but I guess one thing they didn’t have was Capitol police just letting them in, eh?

As such, I initially wanted to do something about the clear disparity in arrests and use of force when it came to these heavily-armed, mostly-white rioters directly attacking the seat of the Federal government compared to the treatment of unarmed and generally more peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors in cities across the country earlier this year.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with anything better than earlier cartoons I’ve done on police violence and America’s racist “justice” system, and the only halfway-decent idea I had this time around was way too complicated for an event I felt required something more blunt and iconic.

Thus, I pivoted to Donald Trump’s incitement of the riot, not to mention the personal consequences that have befallen him as a result, even though those focal points are admittedly shallower and have undoubtedly made up the bulk of most cartoonists’ takes.

I thought it was pretty ironic that Trump was basically calling for the results of last November’s Presidential election to be violently overturned by an angry mob after years of bellowing about the need for more “law and order” in America.

I suppose it’s just another example of projection on his part, which is such a central aspect of his character that at this point I assume the main reason he keeps pushing completely made-up claims of cheating by Joe Biden in the general election isn’t just because he’s flinging whatever shit he can muster until some of it sticks; nor is it because he recognizes as well as anyone who isn’t blindly loyal to the Democratic Party that their primary was clearly rigged against Bernie Sanders for the second time in a row; but rather simply because Trump himself knows or at least believes there was a calculated campaign of election fraud conducted on his own behalf that he thought was insurmountable, yet ultimately failed to produce the results he expected.

If that’s the case, I know someone else who suffered a similar humiliation not too long ago! Maybe he should see if she wants to get together and compare notes, huh?

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