Hostage Situation

Hostage Situation

It’s contest season for editorial cartoonists! I’m not sure which I’m gonna enter, this year, although I figure I should at least try for the Pulitzer.

There are two ways you can help me out:

Write in the comments section (or email me) what you think were my 10-20 best cartoons in 2012.

Or, if you’re feeling more generous with money than with time, donate some towards contest entry fees. The more I get in donations, the more contests I should be able to enter, though I’ll need a minimum of at least $50 total in donations to cover the Pulitzer by itself.

Thanks for all your help!

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5 Responses to “Hostage Situation”

My absolute favorite of 2012: “Rope-A-Dope” from Sep. 8.
Throughout the election campaign, I was revolted by the way certain right-wingers were positively gloating about how Romney and the GOP were going to crush Obama and the Dems under an avalanche of Citizens United money. This cartoon is an utterly perfect metaphor for how that ended up working out.

Runner up: “Grand Wizardry”, Jan. 4.

Other favorites:
“Dirty Words”, Oct. 13
“Romney/Ryan ‘Rithmetic”, Oct. 6
“Red Menace”, Aug. 4
“Let the Sunshine In”, Jul. 21
“The War Room”, Mar. 17
“Hard-Earned”, Mar. 9
“Mitt Robbery”, Jan. 21
“The Golden Touch”, Jan. 14

My Favorite
Mr. Burns – I think the stark art is going to hold up really well for a long time.

Runners Up
Grand Wizardry
Let the Sunshine In
Contract From Below

I like the hover-text on “Mr. Burns.” Unfortunately, that sort of thing doesn’t carry over off-site.

Yes, because the NRA has such a hold over congress. It couldn’t possibly be that ‘the people’ have said they oppose gun control. Oh no, it is always the NRA, always, always, always…

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