Fishing Expedition

Fishing Expedition

I’m a little surprised this IRS thing still hasn’t run out of steam, since, as I explained in the last post, it doesn’t really have much else to run on.

Then again, I suppose the 24-hour cable news media have been salivating for something they could really nail Obama for ever since he took office, and seeing as Unconstitutional surveillance of Americans, morally and legally-questionable assassination-by-drone, and harassment of the press apparently weren’t good enough, I guess they want to take some time to savor this one.

It’s mostly empty calories, for sure, but you know how much petulant children just hate being told to eat their vegetables!

There was another instance of supposed “press harassment” that was discussed in the time since my last cartoon, involving a reporter from Fox News whom the FBI was looking into for alleged leaks of classified information.

I say “supposed” because I don’t think it’s as big a deal as bugging the AP was–not so much for partisan reasons, but rather because Fox News is not a real news organization, as they themselves have argued in court, so I’m not sure they deserve the same protections granted to journalists who follow a strict code of ethics, and only report things as facts after they’ve done the diligence to verify them as such.

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