I’ve been going too easy on President Obama lately.  His Administration’s policy of bombing “suspected terrorists” in unmanned drone strikes has drawn criticism, recently, for the danger it represents to innocent civilians who might just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Apparently, Obama’s people think an appropriate response to these concerns is to argue that anyone killed in a strike is guilty until proven innocent, literally adding insult to injury by asserting any victims of a strike directed against terrorists must be terrorists themselves, unless some piece of evidence magically appears proving otherwise after they’re dead.

In other words, shoot first, ask questions later.

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By » ianmorris (June 4th, 2012 at 1:41 am)

The time criticism gets weird is when people on the right are critical of Obama for extensions of things they supported under Bush or would support under Romney. I’m not a fan of the recent National Defense authorization bill, but it seems like something Bush would support.

Great cartoon. This is totally the kind of thing Obama would have been railing against in his election campaign.
But I don’t think the story is anything new. I recall (vaguely) a story told by a soldier of Vietnam in which the same policy was expressed: Any Vietnamese man who was shot was considered an enemy soldier. The story included a quote, whose exact wording and context is lost to my memory, though I’m sure it related to one of the many brutalities of that war; and was simply along the lines of “Today we *made* many Viet Cong.”

Somehow, I thought the USA had left that methodology behind.

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