Capital B

Capital B

Once again, I’ve got a cartoon inspired by Glenn Greenwald’s reporting at on the Obama Administration’s troubling disregard for civil liberties, due process, and other things (I felt) he was specifically installed to restore!

I spent all day yesterday brainstorming on this topic and coming up with nothing good–sketches mostly revolved around the device of Lady Justice. I finally came up with the above idea around midnight or 1 AM, and liked it both because it approached the topic from a slightly different angle (criticizing one of the justifications I’ve heard given for Obama not doing most of the stuff people voted him in to do), and because it also references the economy. Two topics in a cartoon is usually a good thing!

The beggar seemingly being drawn in a more old-fashioned-looking illustration style than the rest of the cartoon was an accident with which I was pleased. Really the only things I don’t like are that the background is kind of boring, and that Obama’s left leg looks just a little too long, relative to his right.

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lol, nice, liked your art much.

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