One of the best cartoons I’ve ever drawn, by a wide margin.

Lady Justice, incidentally, is modeled after somebody I knew in college.

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This is really good.

By » Phil E. Drifter (September 18th, 2009 at 9:47 pm)

That’s a great political cartoon.

I assume your friend at college was a harlot, because Lady Justice over there isn’t trying to hard to keep that robe up.

Hey Kon, I think you too missed the point.

Saddam Hussein killed over 6000 civilians. We killed over 100,000 civilians in an
attempt to steal Iraq’s oil. We knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction when
we went into Iraq. 800 inspectors searched for 9 months and found nothing.

Maybe the civilians should have stood up for themselves, as many lives would have been lost but you wouldn’t have the USA to blame.

Jo. I guess it’s hard to imagine the true depth of your ignorance and callousness.

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