Fox (News) Retakes (Hen) House!

Fox (News) Retakes (Hen) House!

I was planning a different cartoon for Election Day, but developed the above idea before finishing it, and decided it’d be better, and that the one I was planning would stay more relevant for a bit longer. So I set the other cartoon aside and drew this one up first.

The news that the GOP has retaken control of the House of Representatives is hardly surprising, and it’s not as if the Democrats were doing anything they were put there to do. Of course, Republicans are sure to put the brakes on any progress that was being made, tortoise-like though it was. That’s what the insane loudmouths in the tea party demand, after all (that, and increased persecution and/or enslavement of anybody who isn’t a Straight White Christian Male).

I thought this cartoon would be a clever and meaningful way to sum up the election results, since it compares Democrats to chickens, compares Republicans to a well-known destructive farm pest (which happens to be one of several unfortunate symbols they’ve chosen to represent themselves), and compares the electorate to a senile old hillbilly farmer.

I’m planning on sending this cartoon out to a few newspapers, to see if any of them are interested in carrying it, since I haven’t really seen anything on the topic that’s better. If you live in a city with a big paper (especially one with a national edition), you can help me out by suggesting they pick this cartoon up, since it’ll probably mean more to them coming from a reader than it will coming from the artist himself.

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By » Chris Pearce (November 9th, 2010 at 2:43 pm)

Just like a liberal… you don’t have any real arguments to stand on, you just call people names.

Just like a liberal… you don’t have any real arguments to stand on, you just call people names.

Is the fact that you failed to elaborate on this broad generalization supposed to be ironic, or was that just an accident?

Overwrought. Hardly clever. You’ve done somewhat better before.

Ignore them all; I think this specific artwork is beautiful and accurate. Many conservatives may disagree with this standpoint, but it nonetheless makes a clear point. The symbolism in this piece is astounding as usual. Keep it up, Terry.

Lady Liberty in the background is sadly hilarious, but somewhat difficult to see at first glance. The rest of the piece is amazing.

Hey Deephurting, you need to clarify your symbolism stuff up for these pundits:

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