I’m Teaching with Stupid

I'm Teaching with Stupid

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Just great. Of course, there’s been a large number of comics with pretty much this exact scene, but this one is very well executed.

Really? Could you link to some of them? Because while I’ve seen several comparing and contrasting the President’s generic “stay in school” message with the lunatic ravings of his opposition, I saw very few showing this in a classroom setting, and none playing off the GOP’s alchemy of politics and religion.

I prefer democrats and all, but this is biased BS

Um, you didn’t need to be so defensive, I was complementing you on getting a new angle on the idea of Obama telling kids to work hard and the GOP elephant being retarded.

Similar scenes: http://cartoonbox.slate.com/dwanepowell/2009/09/08/, http://cartoonbox.slate.com/signewilkinson/2009/09/10/, http://cartoonbox.slate.com/stevebenson/2009/09/09/

But no, no one else had your exact scene, and I didn’t say they did. (Although, now that you mention it, I didn’t quite get the religion angle. Did religion have anything to do with the school outrage?)

Oh, I wasn’t trying to be defensive. I was genuinely interested in seeing if anyone had done anything more similar than just the basic contrast you described.

When I say “the GOP’s alchemy of politics and religion,” I mean in general, rather than in relation to this specific topic, although I imagine a lot of Christian parents are afraid of Obama “indoctrinating” their children because the fringe Right has cultivated that whole “secret Muslim from Kenya” nonsense.

Just checked the 3 other cartoons Sam mentioned. You are right up there, Terrence 🙂

The problem with the cartoon is that the elephant is dressed as a Catholic Nun, the majority of whom are Democrats and education in Catholic schools is not based on creationism, and in a “learn from our mistakes” admit that the Catholic Church has made many mistakes (including burning heretics) in its history.

Comparing this to the three in Sam’s links, Terrence very easily and by an extremely large margin has the most well-drawn cartoon. The art here is amazing, and makes the other three look positively ugly in comparison.

Content is a bit harder to compare as they are somewhat more similar (this one includes religion more, but other than that, the message is largely the same,) but…again, I’m going to give it to Terrence. This cartoon’s message is stated a bit more eloquently, managing to say more within the same amount of space. I think it’s the books that really do it–the huge stack of books on Obama’s side (Geography/Social Studies/Math/etc.) vs. the Bible by itself on the Republican side make it even better.

The way I see the cartoon, pious Republicans aka “elephantines” (describing a severe swelling of the head) will finally burn the heretic which they have finally and ashamedly discovered to be “GBush the Lesser”. The now newly re-combinated and born again leviathan clothed in habit will burn “the Lessor” but is prepared to serve in Hell.

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