The Wisdom of King Solomon

The Wisdom of King Solomon

A number of fairly prominent people died since the last update, so I’m sure a few readers may be wondering, “Why isn’t the new cartoon about any of them?”

Firstly, I don’t generally do obituary cartoons. Even in the field, they’re widely considered a stomping ground of extreme hackery–so much so, that even openly refusing to do them has become a cliche, resulting in ignorant garbage when authors “deign” to break their fasts and treat readers with the rare “alternative” obit.

I’ve only drawn two obituary cartoons. One was positive, one was negative. The positive one was on the occasion of Kurt Vonnegut’s death, and was really more about Earth Day, since they occurred in close proximity to one another. Part of the reason I drew it was because of the inundation of “Remembering Kurt Vonnegut” cartoons which demonstrated little-to-no knowledge of the author’s work, so I wanted to do something which pulled from a topic he seemed to care about.

The negative one attacked Jerry Falwell, and even though my Mass Media Law teacher loved it, it’s made me feel dirty ever since.

As such, while I probably could’ve found things to say about Roger Ebert or Margaret Thatcher, I guess my feelings aren’t strong enough to make it onto this blog, instead of being restricted to Facebook comments.

I think Obama’s Federal budget proposal is more important, particularly where it gambles with making cuts to Social Security, presumably in an effort to reach out to insane people who want him dead.

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By » anon-e-moose (April 15th, 2013 at 2:02 pm)

Part of me wishes I never clicked on the Ted Rall link because of the blatant asshatery/general ignorance, but part of me is glad since it has fully justified my hatred for the man.

By » Jonathan (April 17th, 2013 at 5:31 am)


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