Mitt Romney Blows

Mitt Romney Blows

This cartoon could probably be considered a sequel to this one and this one.

I had the basic idea at least as far back as the Democratic National Convention, but that wasn’t the right time for it, and I held off on it last week because I was busy getting ready to celebrate my birthday (speaking of which, please donate to or buy stuff from me!)

I was beginning to wonder if I’d have a good opportunity to use it before the election, when an electrical fire on Ann Romney’s plane prompted her husband to say something surprisingly stupid about fire safety mechanisms on passenger jets.

Mitt evidently doesn’t understand how fire works, which I guess puts him somewhere beyond most cavemen but well behind the average Medieval alchemist in terms of scientific knowledge.

As for his ignorance of planes, perhaps Mr. Romney should replace his official campaign jet with one of these? Hopefully the metaphor wouldn’t be lost on him.

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