Death Race 2012

Death Race 2012

This cartoon follows comments by Republican Presidential candidate, pizza entrepreneur, and Pokemon: The Movie 2000-fan Herman Cain. While discussing the topic of illegal immigration with supporters in Tennessee, Cain said that he’d like to build a lethally-electrified fence along the USA’s border with Mexico. Since making this speech, Cain’s flip-flopped on whether he was being serious or he was merely joking, though from what I last heard, he remains 100% committed to a US-Mexico Death Fence.

The enthusiastic reaction of the crowd at Cain’s speech seems to fit right in with audiences at several recent debates warmly applauding Rick Perry’s execution record and the concept of abandoning the uninsured to die. Since the Republican “base” seems to be so pro-death, I figured they may as well go all in and run Death as their next candidate for President.


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Hi! Were you at the talk by Dave Lasky in Forks?

Been out here, working as a drawn book (comics) author for the last 8 years. Also work as a freelance stringer for the Forks Forum. Asked my editor if he wanted a more complete article about cartooning, comics, etc. I’m an old-timer from Cartoonists Northwest, too.

Yeah, I was. What’s up?

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