Make the Pie Higher!

Make the Pie Higher!

I was delayed working on this to about a day later than I normally would have been because Thursday (September 23rd) was my birthday.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I won a Sigma Delta Chi award from The Society of Professional Journalists some months back. The national conference in Las Vegas is coming up in the first week of October, and I was invited to accept my award in person at the awards banquet on the 2nd–unfortunately, the organization neither covers costs for travel and accommodations, nor do they waive attendance fees for the rest of the conference for award winners.

I figure I should try to be there, because this might be the last good professional networking opportunity I’m going to get for some time, or ever. Fingers crossed–we’ll see if I can scrounge up enough money in the next week to make it!

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Great details in this, and is the fat-cat also dumping the hot pepper flakes onto the middle class slice as a bonus insult? And now I have to go looking through your old cartoons for the alt-text!

It’s the ashes from his cigar.

Jesus loves you.

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