Freedom is Slavery

Freedom is Slavery

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By » generatrix (May 27th, 2010 at 9:33 am)

That article (In Defense of Bigots) is written by someone with little to no grasp of human society. At first I was ready to label it “misguided” as its ideas would accidentally decriminalize a lot of things except on public land. As I read on it became pretty clear that the author is completely insane, bunkered in his basement in fear of the evil government.

Laws necessarily limit freedoms. That is their sole function. It just so happens that the freedoms they limit are ones that society has decided are harmful.

Absolute freedom as an ideal is a childish notion. Bigots should be free to enact blatantly racist business policies as soon as I’m free to play “let’s see who can’t dodge a chainsaw.”

Excellent cartoon as usual Terrence.

This is a long settled, long irrelevant issue. Rand is clearly not a racist, the discussion is interesting but please not mistake it for any kind of real policy discussion.

If you want to criticize Rand Paul, discuss some of his policies on the wars, which is genuinely scary and relevant.

“Foreign terrorists do not deserve the protections of our Constitution,” Paul said in a Nov. 19 release. “These thugs should stand before military tribunals and be kept off American soil. I will always fight to keep Kentucky safe, and that starts with cracking down on our enemies.”
– Now that’s relevant material to be criticized. Not far off and hypothetical discussions on long settled issues.

There’s nothing to stop us from discussing both issues. You’ll perhaps notice that my cartoon was crafted so as to suggest that Paul, while he may not be a racist himself, is still making himself an enabler for racism.

Thanks for bringing the other topic to my attention, all the same.

By » softmoney (May 30th, 2010 at 7:30 pm)

“I’m not racist, but I think segregation was a good thing.”

It’s convenient how the not-racist people tend to be just as racist as the open stormfronters. Coded language and dog whistle politics don’t fool anyone anymore.

By » Tatsujin (June 6th, 2010 at 9:48 am)

I get the feeling that Rand and his Dad are either racist enablers, or just so completely naive that they really believe there is no such thing as de facto segregation and that we would never need government laws/regulations on preventing it!

I don’t get libertarians sometimes.

Rand would only be ok with that if you put a gun to their head and made them sign away their freedom. Libertarians like to pretend that by giving someone a “Choice” they can do anything.

Ron and Rand are members of the KKK anyway.

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