Animal Mother

Animal Mother

This cartoon addresses a topic from last week, but hardly anybody else did anything on it, and my approach here has broader applications than the initial topic that sparked it.

I actually had the original idea for this during the 2008 election, but didn’t use it at the time. Since Sarah Palin’s once again using her children as PR cannon fodder, I thought now would be a good time to haul this out of the vault.

The imagery, of course, makes reference to one of my favorite movies, Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. The shot is very similar to a scene shortly before the climax, and there are some symbolic Easter Eggs here for anyone who can identify the characters based on what’s written on their helmets.

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Love this one, very timely, unfortunately, even if developed in 2008. I especially like Joker using a grenade as a pacifier. Then I looked at the cartoon’s title and was blown away a second time. Great job!

By » Iron Patriot (February 24th, 2010 at 8:03 pm)

I think I’d like it more if she had Trig strapped to her chest like a bulletproof vest, but that would be out of place. Good work.

If I recall correctly, it wasn’t the republicans who brought her family to the spotlight. Rather, the very first attacks were attacks on her daughter’s virtue and questions about whether Trig was really her son. Oh yeah, and the attacks that Trig should’ve been aborted.

And then the attacks on her husband’s profession… and their high school relationship…

Yeah, why doesn’t anyone take her politics head-on? Why resort to attacks on her family?

Jonathan: Your comment reveals how very little you know about this topic, as well as your illiteracy when it comes to reading and interpreting my cartoon.

Palin’s the one who’s dragged her family into the spotlight whenever presented with a convenient PR opportunity. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone in national politics who’s treated their children like props as much as she does. McCain talks about being a POW in Vietnam less. The only precedent of flagrancy I can think of in modern American history was Nixon’s dog.

Trig especially. Who’s the one who started rambling that “Trig would be condemned by Obama’s death panels!!” last year, again? Was that Sarah, or the media?

Sarah, or the media?


…or, the media…


Oh yeah, it was Sarah.

As for Bristol, what this particular cartoon concerned itself with, initially, was Sarah having her make posts on Facebook complaining about that Family Guy episode even though I’m pretty sure neither one of them has actually seen it. It’s not enough for Sarah to make herself look dumb as hell with uninformed comments about something one of her handlers told her was bad – she has to have her daughter join the stupidity party, too! It’s like an insane pet owner who dresses her animals up in ridiculous costumes and takes pictures of them, except dogs and cats usually have enough self-awareness to look embarrassed in the resulting snapshots. And I don’t think Palin had to force her daughter to put on the metaphorical sweater, either.

The broader comment is that I feel this is a pattern of behavior for Palin. She can’t seem to take her own lumps like a champ – she has to thrust her kids into her enemies’ fists and then cry “You brutes! How could you hit a child!?”

“Attacks on her daughter’s virtue”?? Um… hello? Anybody home? The book’s already closed on that fairy tale, and Bristol’s the one who wrote “…and so I gave birth to Levi’s bastard. The End.” The big bad media didn’t force Bristol to betray her mother. Palin can’t get her own family to meet her standards of decency – how can she possibly be expected to govern and act as a role model if this doesn’t cause her to re-examine those standards, much less get people nationwide to respect them?

No one takes her politics seriously due to how vacuous they are. “Energy, Tax Cuts, Lift American spirit…” what??? What’s the point of even debating with that? The only appropriate rebuttal is the sad failure horns from The Price Is Right.

Even if the media were the ones who hit the kids first, it’s Palin’s responsibility as a parent to act like an adult and refuse to play that game, rather than continue to goad them into doing it again.

Who said Trig should have been aborted?

By » LagomorphMan (March 1st, 2010 at 4:28 am)

No one did. No one called for the death of Trig Palin. At all. Even the nuttiest of the extreme leftists would not call for the mandatory abortion of someone. Pro-choice couldn’t really be called that if it wasn’t merely an option, now could it?

DH put it best in the verbal smackdown above: “She can’t seem to take her own lumps like a champ–she has to thrust her kids into her enemies’ fists and then cry ‘You brutes! How could you hit a child!?’”

Palin has nothing to offer the world. She never has any actual plans of substance. TIME magazine’s Joe Klein, I feel, put it best when he said that her only appeal is to those who want “simple” solutions. Diplomatic problems with another country? Bomb them. Energy crisis? Drill baby, drill. Climate change? “lol, if it’s called global warming, then why is it snowing?”

Some people don’t realize the world is a complicated, nuanced place where magic bullets are few and far between. For people who believe every problem in the world could be solved in a day if we just replaced senators and representatives with random “Joe Six-Packs” and a liberal application of “common sense reforms” (read: uninformed decisions), Sarah Palin is their woman. And if you DON’T agree with that, she is more than willing to throw her family under the bus to discredit you.

By » Kjorteo Kalante (March 11th, 2010 at 12:52 am)

Palin attracts the same kind of crowd who decided Bush over Gore *solely* on the grounds of the former being more of a regular guy you could have a beer with. (If he drank, which he doesn’t, but shh.) Because that’s a good way to determine who should run the United States of America. You’d think people would have learned their lesson from that, but it instead appears that the tactic is now to throw Bush under the bus for not being Republican/conservative enough, but that Sarah Palin, she’s the real deal, I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Fortunately, I see her appeal as niche at best and her political career status as still completely unelectable, at least for the time being.

Sarah is Animal Mother, Bristol is Eightball, Trig is Joker.

Semper Fi, Oohrah!

Wait, wasn’t it Cowboy who sent Eightball out there?

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