The Shotgun Approach

The Shotgun Approach

I came up with this cartoon as a response to the hysteria surrounding the recent bombing attempt made on Northwest Airlines flight 253, bound for Detroit.

My original sketch called for the scorpion to be labeled “Terrorism,” however, I ultimately decided a scorpion was a clear enough symbol of danger without the label. What do you think? Should I have left the label on, so as to make it more specific?

The shotgun was very difficult to draw, because I could neither find a picture of one from the angle I needed, nor did I have one I could examine in person, so I had to transform what reference photos I could find entirely in my head. I probably spent at least four hours penciling it, and I’m still not very satisfied with how it came out.

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No, I don’t think a label on the scorpion is needed here at all.

And stop beating yourself up over the shotgun; it looks great!

so true, so true. And though the bomb didn’t go off, it did in effect make more of an impact of terror by having our government terrorize us with more security and longer lines and more discomfort and embarrassment and inconvenience. so no blown up plane makes more terror and lets the terrorist win and come out better, using our own government against us.

Great job on the shotgun btw, I think you nailed it.

Heyo, Terrence! I like this concept very much, and I do think it was a wise decision to not label the scorpion. A few minor critiques:

-The perspective is decently executed, but I think the way you’ve framed it ultimately detracts from the message. Liberty is looking down on Security, still in a position of dominance.

Remember how that “Rain Man”-esque guy, in his “Phantom Menace” review, explained the beautiful simplicity of that first scene in “A New Hope”, with the Empire spaceship shot from below? Apply that concept here. There would be more “oomph” if we/Liberty look/s up at the man with the gun.

-I commend you for trying an odd angle on Liberty’s head. She’s insidiously hard to draw. However, the missing points of her crown on the left side make her look kind of odd. EVEN if you couldn’t actually see them in real life from that perspective, I think it reads better as a cartoon if you include them.

I second the kudos on the shotgun– looks perfect.

shouldn’t half her head be already missing from the last time we went through this ‘trade a little freedom for a little security’ routine?

cynicism aside, great comic. stumbled it.

I agree, the shotgun (Mossberg model 500?) looks great, very dynamic.

By » Concordat (May 21st, 2010 at 4:17 pm)

Did you try asking if anyone could make a reference picture for you? Even if you don’t know anyone who owns a shotgun I’m sure there are plenty of people that would be able to angle a 3D model of one from a video game to the proper position.

The man is also using the shotgun left handed. This is probably entirely possible, but just about every firearm made is designed to be used right handed.

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