The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address as President tonight, but I didn’t watch it, because I was sure it would be lousy. Besides, starving his narcissism of attention is probably the only way to get to him, so I figure any time his bluster can be safely, pointedly ignored, we all ought to do so. If everyone, from here on out, were to focus only on heinous acts he commits, while paying no attention at all to heinous things he says, he’d probably resign in frustration after a week or two.

Speaking of “heinous,” and “lousy”: Trump’s cabinet nominees! Whether it’s a Climate Change denier as head of the EPA, a beady-eyed racist as US Attorney General, an ignorant enemy of public schools as Secretary of Education, or another shining example of Texan intellect who can’t even remember the name of the Department of Energy to lead the Department of Energy, practically every single one of them seems to have been selected according to how ill-suited he or she is for the given job. It’s as if Trump told some talent scouts to go out and find the least-qualified person they could for each opening. Simply leaving the positions vacant would probably guarantee better performance than we’re going to get from any of these creeps.

During Obama’s eight years in office, Republicans proved that a small but determined minority of loud, stupid assholes can cripple the agenda of even the brightest, most charismatic, and popular executive, to say nothing of a dumb, inarticulate man-baby who’s as widely-despised as Trump. Luckily for him, the Democrats are such pathetic, spineless losers, they can’t even be depended on to TRY holding up Supreme Court nominees like the last Congress did: they’re too busy right now taking steps to ensure Trump’s re-election in 2020, instead.

Followers of my Twitter will recognize the basic gist of the above gag from a tweet I wrote a few weeks ago, while longtime readers of this website may remember it as more or less a repeat of this 2010 cartoon, although the drawing is quite a bit better, and I feel it’s slightly more apt, in this case. I found the phrase “Secretary of Henhouses” amusing enough for its own cartoon, and thought the composition would be a good opportunity to show off my new caricature for Trump.

Several people to whom I showed the drawing, while it was in-progress, commented on the uniqueness of the oversized-shirt-sleeves-and-collar/tiny-little-hands-and-head design, noting that most cartoonists seem to prefer giving Trump a bloated, pumpkin-like head. The affectation here was a style of drawing businessmen I remember being more common in the ‘80s and early ‘90s—if you can find Jim Borgman’s first Pulitzer-winning portfolio anywhere, I think those cartoons featured a lot of it. I already used a similar form when drawing Trump as the gangster Mugsy from classic Warner Brothers animation, and liked how it emphasized his pin-headedness, so I decided to revive it the next time I got around to drawing him in his usual business attire, instead of dressed as some other character, or simply naked.

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You’re going to link Perez’s selection to a non-office as proof of trying to ensure Trump in 2020? Jesus Christ, Terrence…

I’m actually linking it to proof of the Democratic Party’s incompetence, or at least dedication to greed over actually defeating Trump.

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