Grand Old Party Games

Grand Old Party Games

As John McCain recently observed, the results of the last election were a savage indictment of Republican immigration policies, as well as their treatment of Hispanics and Latinos as a bloc, where the orthodox view seems to be “deport all of them, except for the ones that mow my lawn!”

I was bothered by his framing of the argument, however. Instead of arguing for immigration reform aimed primarily at helping people because it’s the right thing to do, or even just because it’d be good for the country as a whole, McCain seems to be more concerned with his own party’s electoral future, than anything else: “I don’t really care what happens to anybody else, as long as me & my pals win!”

The real irony is that this is the party that spent a good portion of the last election hammering on the idea that Obama and the Democrats were trying to curry favor with minorities and the poor by offering them “handouts” (as if offering your constituents stuff is a bad thing), and yet now here they are, saying “the only way for us to win elections from now on will be by promising things to disadvantaged people!!”

I guess doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is an improvement over doing the wrong thing for the Right reasons, so… progress??

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Drops of liquid are spherical once they leave their original surface.

Hilarious. Wish I had your talent. I’d use it to propagate Anarcho-Capitalism.

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