The Privateer

The Privateer

If all goes well, this’ll hopefully be one of the last cartoons I end up drawing on the subject of Mitt Romney.

During the Republican Primary, Mr. Romney proved that he cares more about money than he does about human lives by arguing that natural disaster relief should be left up to the States, or, ideally, the private sector, completely ignoring what happens when you privatize, say, fire departments.

So, Mother Nature delivered perhaps the most stinging rebuke possible in return, this week, in the form of Hurricane Sandy. This gave President Obama the opportunity to demonstrate the value of an effectively-managed federal disaster response system, as well as brandish his bipartisan cred by working closely with New Jersey Governor and Republican National Convention keynote speaker Chris Christie.

This also brought new public scrutiny upon Romney’s Primary comments, as well as his horrible “joke” from the RNC mocking Obama’s vow to “stop the rising of the ocean” and “heal the planet.”

I’m so sick of this guy. I certainly hope he loses the election on Tuesday, and we, as a nation, never have to see or hear from him again.

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Romney is such a flip-flopping rich asshole. If this country elects him, it’s just a testament to their ignorance.

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