Blood Money

Blood Money

As many readers probably know, attacks on US embassy facilities in Egypt and Libya earlier this week resulted in the deaths of four US diplomats, including an American ambassador, and a network officer who was a well-known moderator of several online entertainment communities, including this forum where I frequently share my cartoons.

The news of the latter’s death was shocking enough on its own, but even more shocking (and disgusting) was Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s immediate attempt to capitalize on the tragedy.

The attacks were allegedly the product of Muslim outrage against a “film” trailer made by a convicted meth-cooker and uploaded to Youtube. The trailer was clearly designed to taunt the Muslim community, and provoke violent reactions from its more radical elements, and was financed by at least one xenophobic, Christian jackass with a dumb-looking mustache who’s no stranger to this sort of thing.

Anticipating the danger, and probably afraid for their own safety, the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt, issued a public apology shortly before any of the attacks took place. In his press conference the following morning, Romney tried to tie this apology to the President, citing it as evidence that Obama responds to attacks on Americans by apologizing to the attackers, even though Obama had neither authorized the apology, nor been involved with it in any way; and, as already noted, the attacks occurred AFTER THE APOLOGY WAS ISSUED!

Romney displayed a creepy grin while responding to reporters’ questions, and when one pointedly asked what he would’ve done differently as President, he abruptly left the room, like this:



I’ve made several jokes about Romney being a sociopath in the past, and I was already starting to think they weren’t jokes any more after I read this report describing cruel and uncaring treatment of gays and lesbians by the former Governor of Massachusetts.

In any case, his behavior in the aftermath of the attacks is consistent with his business career as a corporate vampire who kills companies and drinks the blood of their workers for sustenance, and that’s what the above cartoon addresses.

This design turned out quite well, so I’ve turned it into some merch. Please buy some, if you like it, too. Also, or alternatively, you could donate to the family of VileRat, the network officer killed in the Benghazi tragedy.

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God, Romney really does have the most terrifying smile. Every time I see a picture of him grinning, it triggers the “HOLY SHIT RUN A LION’S ABOUT TO EAT YOU” alarm deep in some primal part of my brain.

By » TonyCaroselli (September 16th, 2012 at 10:06 pm)

Also, the “apology” wasn’t an apology. It was a condemnation of the mean-spirited intentions of the video.

I’m not a big fan of Obama, but man… Obama is a saint compared to Romney. Romney scares me. his track record, his complete disconnection to humanity, his deep hatred of anything and one that is GLBT. John Kerry would be a far better choice. John McCain would be far better. Romney just is not human.

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