Max ROMney

Max ROMney

Boy, here’s a reference a lot of people aren’t likely to get.

I was watching this popular Youtube video about a week ago, and a segment at the end with a bunch of Mitt Romneys on television screens made me realize that the candidate looks a lot like Max Headroom, the “computer-generated celebrity” from the 1980s Coca-Cola used as the pitchman for their disastrous New Coke product line. It struck me as a new way to make the at-this-point cliche “Mitt Romney is a robot” joke, and appropriate, since Max Headroom is today largely remembered as a symbol of 1980s commercialism due to the New Coke association.

It’s not a perfect metaphor: On his short-lived television series, Max was the A.I. counterpart of a reporter who exposed corruption. He also had a much more human-seeming personality than Romney does.

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The first thing i think about when seeing this is the “Ron Headrest” character in doonsbury. Nice comic

Very nice! You should make this a re-occurring trope for your depictions of Romney, it’s very clever.

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