The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch

This cartoon combines Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam with Thomas Nast’s classic Boss Tweed caricature with a bag of money for a head. In the place of Adam, I’ve substituted Mitt Romney. I wanted to make a joke about how Romney is the ultimate realization of corporate personhood-a “man” (let’s call him) so out of touch with the rest of humanity, and so immersed in wealth that he has more in common with cold, faceless corporations than he does with other people.

It seemed like an overbroad gag to begin with, but while trying to figure out what to do with the angels in the original painting, I happened upon this list of Romney’s 2008 campaign donors. I felt like including this sort of information in the cartoon would be enough to tie it together and give it some substance beyond the basic joke. What do you think?

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Love it. As a Mormon myself, I’m not a huge fan of “Mormon underwear” on display. But I guess it’s better than seeing him naked.

He’s working those sexy PJ’s.

Those banker babies are wonderfully grotesque.

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