I spent most of the week trying to develop something on the Herman Cain sexual harassment story, but none of the ideas I had were any good. I figure part of the problem is that, while Cain’s antics make for great theater, he and his campaign have pretty much no substance worth the effort of serious commentary, for me.

In the meantime, I drew this fairly simple piece commenting on the Republican defeat of the President’s “American Jobs Act” in Congress, which was intended to bolster the anemic job market while repairing and updating the nation’s aging infrastructure. Unfortunately, Republicans would rather let millionaires hoard more of their money than redirect even a small amount of it towards job creation.

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Is this in regards to the same jobs act that the internet censorship bill was squeezled into? In which case, glad it died.

Oh, haha, should have checked the date this was posted. My bad.

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