Fall Street

God-Man: Year Two Thousand Eleven

I developed this cartoon following the see-sawing stock market earlier in the week. I wanted to do something with the Depression-era cliche of the ruined investor jumping from a building, but since it seemed corporate stocks were bound to weather the debt-ceiling storm better than the average American, I also wanted to show a character symbolizing average Americans bearing most of the burden.

I have to admit I wasn’t totally happy using Uncle Sam in this cartoon, because I feel like I’ve been resorting to that too often, lately. I did sketch some alternatives, but I didn’t like how they looked, and decided none of them would be quite as clear as the more well-known character. What do you think? Does this get the idea across well?

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3 Responses to “Fall Street”

By » Fudge Handsome (August 13th, 2011 at 7:43 pm)

Needs more blue collars.

I thought the comic communicated it’s message well. It might have been a little better if the wall street investor was morbidly obese. But I suppose that really doesn’t matter.

By » deephurting (August 14th, 2011 at 4:56 pm)

I always draw symbolic representations of the wealthy and corporate elite as obese. I figured this’d be a good time to break that trend for once, since the stereotypical Wall Street investor isn’t all that fat–they’re more like Futurama’s 80’s Guy in terms of body type.

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