Poisoning the Well

Poisoning the Well

This cartoon addresses the results of the Casey Anthony trial, which wrapped up earlier this week with a verdict of not guilty, to the dismay of much of the public. Since I wasn’t really following the trial and didn’t have an opinion one way or the other, I thought it might be a good idea to do something on the media’s role and responsibilities in the judicial process–this case had been likened to the O.J. Simpson trial of the ’90s, which was another situation where the media circus surrounding the event has been, in the long run, probably worthy of more examination than the event itself.

The woman bearing the “media” label in this cartoon is Nancy Grace, a tabloid pundit whose major claim to fame is aggressively pushing topics like the Anthony trial and driving her interviewees to suicide.

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Right on. I look at something like this and I think I must have taken crazy pills because I DON’T feel like crucifying a person, or even getting involved in a discussion about something I know nothing about nor have any personal connection to.

Madame Veinzapoppin and her fraternal twin Jane “I’ve got ISSUES!!!” Velez-Mitchell have been getting all foamy like Cujo over it for almost two years now.

On the plus side, Mrs. Cisco swore off cable “news” as a result, so there’s that.

Love your work, added you to my blogroll.

By » Pam Hunter (July 12th, 2011 at 4:32 pm)

Terry! Great cartoon and what a week to publish it! Having it published the day after “News of the World” closes it’s doors because of illegal wiretapping is perfect! Loved powder keg, too…but wish that the situation in D.C. wasn’t dire enough to imagine it!

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