Ronald Reagun

Ronald Reagun

I wanted to draw something that’d tie the current Universal Healthcare debate, as it applies to mental health, to the recent shooting in Tucson, which I addressed by itself in the previous cartoon.

Since one of the many terrible things Ronald Reagan did during his time in office was defunding psychiatric care programs and tossing the mentally ill out of sanitariums and into the street, I thought this might be an appropriate context in which to bring up his more easily remembered opposition of socialized medicine, so he is functioning here both as a symbol of the Republican Party in general, and as a literal representation of himself.

Similarly, Jared Loughner here represents both himself, and the United States in general.

Unfortunately, while the illustration is pretty nice, I don’t think this cartoon turned out too well, as the commentary in it is way too muddled, and I’m not even sure it clearly depicts a psychiatrist’s office.

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It should have been Reagen in the psychiatrist chair saying “Let’s change your prescription” and handing him a gun.

You forgot to add horns to Reagun. He was a light-weight, stupid President who ruined America. Obama is a heavy-weight intellectual who will save America.

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