Wave of Change

Wave of Change

As you may have heard, the independent panel appointed by President Obama to investigate the government’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico has accused the White House of seriously underestimating the scale of the disaster, resulting in an overly-optimistic emergency response. I find this news most unsettling. It seems to make comparisons between this disaster and the Bush Administration’s incompetent response to Hurricane Katrina more appropriate than I’d previously thought.

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2 Responses to “Wave of Change”

Well, the GOM spill wasn’t really Obamas fault, was it?

herp derp I’m either a low-effort gimmick troll or a butthurt republican jerkoff still coming to grips with the protection anonymity provides

Seriously though, what I like best about your comics is that nothing is spared ridicule and criticism. Just because Obama’s a democrat doesn’t exclude him from the scrutiny and criticism that was leveled at other presidents. Seeing Obama as some kind of perfect president, a savior of America without flaw or failure, is acting in pretty much exactly the same way that right-wing zealots and Tea Partiers act regarding their own presidents.

And nobody likes a double-standard, right?

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