It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Financial News Network

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Financial News Network

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What’s the publishing schedule for your work? Are you open to being published in altenative weeklys?

I’m wowed.. I havent seen ANYTHING with the visual flair and insight of your comics anywhere. I think youve done the groundwork of honing the craft to be published anywhere. I wish you only the best.

Great stuff, found you thru somethingawful’s comedy goldmine… any chance you’d be interested in syndicating through other sites?

By » deephurting (March 19th, 2009 at 8:00 pm)

No, I offered my stuff to the Stranger, the Seattle Weekly, and the Stranger’s sister paper in Portland. The Stranger responded once in 2005 but it wasn’t much of a response, and other than that, none of them ever got back to me.

As for publishing schedule, I try to do at least one or two a week depending on freelance work I have to do for money.

Dude, you need to go international.

You should seriously consider starting your own fanflow on as a way to generate income for your excellent work. Many other online ‘alternative’ cartoonists have done so. I’m a fan of achewood and am glad to pay the small amount to support the comic.

From the assetbar website:
Put anything (!) in a Fanflow. Give your fans what they want.
Send text, images, music, etc. from your computer, email or phone.
Presto! You’re publishing premium content.
Set any price. Recurring subscription or fixed-length.
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We send your premium content to subscribing fans on their phone, email, RSS and web.
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Promote your Fanflow in your newsletters and use our tools to give readers a taste from your blog, site or myspace page.

Why are we only getting hard interviews from comedians?

Because only comedians tell the truth.

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