Sir Hillary versus the Dragon

Sir Hillary versus the Dragon

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Dude, I am in awe of your comics; your strips such as Hillary as the Black Knight and “Play It Again, Sam” strips hit the nail so squarely on the head that I am left gasping, and you’ve managed to encapsulate complex issues so succinctly and poignantly that you are a shining beacon in your field. I am in awe of your skill. However, as an expat who lives in Beijing, I think your perspective on China is a little xenophobic and fucked. While it is true that there are child labor issues here, the central government is doing a serious job cracking down, and I think on this particular hammer swing you not only missed the nail, you hit your own thumb.

So…you’re saying Obama isn’t neo-con enough for you because he doesn’t try to control other countries’ policies that aren’t our business??

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