The Bible (James Dobson, ed.)

The Bible (James Dobson, ed.)

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Um… yes, it says that homosexuality is a sin and God did kill a buncha’ gay guys, but…

The Bible also says slavery is okay, people with vision defects are not allowed to approach an altar, anyone working on the sabbath should be put to death, eating shellfish is an abomination, and that women are effectively property.
God also kills a bunch of kids by sending a bear to eat them because they teased a man about being bald.

The Bible says all sorts of things. Not all of them are good ideas. If you want to take the “homosexuality is an abomination” thing all the way, you’ll have to take the rest of the crazy stuff literally too.

Now, to Mr. Nowicki: I like your stuff. Someone needs to give you a job. Most of the other political cartoon guys out there are unimaginative hacks.

You guys kind of missed it here. It’s not a commentary on the Bible at all, but what James Dobson has done to the Bible and how he’s using verses out of context to convince (some) Americans that homosexuals are out to destroy the “traditional” family. More often than not, that oppressive family structure leads to children who can’t trust their own parents or end up brainwashed by them. Dobson and his team adore preaching God’s love to those that are willing to conform to THEIR standards instead of what the red letters say.

To be fair, the Dobsonized Version does have a few other pages –

Blessed are the rich and the greedy
Do unto others whatever
Only America counts
If it can’t be proved, you didn’t do it

yes yes ummm yeeesss.

not about the issue but the way who draws it cause it’s so hard to make an editorial cartoon if it comes to symbolizing an issue using things like that.

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