Joe Biden plays t-ball

It is indisputable that both major party nominees for President of the United States in the year 2020 (at least, at the moment) are sex-pests and serial gropers of non-consenting women and/or children.

In the case of the incumbent, Donald Trump, it’s indisputable because he’s spent decades loudly bragging about being one.

A reasonable case could perhaps be made that he was exaggerating his exploits the whole time, but if pressed on the record, he’d still probably stick by his claims, even if abandoning them would be legally advantageous. His pride is more valuable to him than the truth or his ethical reputation, and so much of his personal identity is submerged in a long-held belief that his absurd wealth allows him to get away with anything, including rape, pedophilia, and incest that even he probably doesn’t know what really happened, any more.

All that remains in his shriveled, diseased brain are ridiculous tall tales of his own deep-fried American heroism.

In the case of Trump’s prospective, “viable” opponent, a history of groping people (at a minimum) is indisputable because there are numerous photos and videos of the guy doing it. We as a society have been aware of them for years. The offender engaged in this behavior when he KNEW he was on camera, and KNEW the footage was being photographed for news publications or broadcast LIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

So, we are forced to draw at least one of two conclusions. Either:

A: He was so fucking stupid at the time that he didn’t realize everyone could see what he was doing.


B: He didn’t care, because he had done the same and worse so many times before, when no one else was looking, that he’d desensitized himself to such depravity.

Neither of these scenarios describes a man who should be granted any position of authority instead of being institutionalized, and Joe Biden has entered terminal cognitive decline since these incidents were recorded.

I said in 2016, “Damn, the Democratic Party really nominated the ONE PERSON who could possibly lose an open election to a dim-witted, flatulent psychopath like Donald Trump, huh??”

But, I have to hand it to them: they proved me wrong by finding another!

The irony here is that if Biden had run for President in 2016, I think he very well may have won. He still had a brighter sheen of Obama lustre (such as it was), and more importantly, he was still articulate enough to complete a sentence without forgetting what he was talking about or simply falling asleep in the middle of it.

He was just as guilty of at best physical assault, most likely sexual assault, and at worst rape, of course, but his victims may have been able to grin and bear it for some abstract and difficult to measure greater good back then, so the rest of us wouldn’t even have known the full extent of his crimes until after he was elected.

The damage would already have been done, and we then would have proceeded with the ensuing sex scandal and impeachment.

Would that have been better than present reality?? Look at the domino effect of electoral disasters that the Clinton impeachment has touched off over time—and Monica Lewinsky was a relatively consenting adult, by comparison!! Do we really want some nightmarish teleporter combination of that scenario and Ronald Reagan’s advanced senility?

I’m not sure what else there is, right now, but since I mentioned Monica, I guess I do want to say she has handled her infamy like a boss, and I hope she’ll openly support Tara Reade at some point—perhaps using such action as a launchpad to systematically disembowel Trump for his own, identical past transgressions after his unfortunate but all-but-inevitable re-election.

We have the resources to get through this, people! We just have to assemble them.

By the way: historians (or even just casual fans) of animated cartoons will recognize that my illustration above draws heavily on a classic Warner Brothers’ short directed by Friz Freleng, “Baseball Bugs.” For the metaphor, I guess Bugs Bunny would be Bernie Sanders, in a situation where the Teetotalers did everything they could to prevent Bugs from winning the game for them against the Gashouse Gorillas.

Biden’s “wiffle bat” is a reference to a panel from The Far Side, and Trump’s barbed wire-wrapped club is a reference to Robert Kirkman’s sadistic murder porn in The Walking Dead. I’ve thought about putting Trump in the role of a cave-man for years, and this gets closer to that concept than I ever have in a completed cartoon, before.

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“Would that have been better than present reality??”

Yes, Terrence. Yes. A thousand times yes. How many f***ing times do you need to be told this? Yes.

When the present reality is that the very foundations of our Constitutional democracy are under attack, and whether you choose to believe it or not, the FBI issued a very detailed, several hundred-page report as to how a foreign power undermined our democracy and intends to KEEP undermining our democracy, as it has undermined democracies in Europe…

When the present reality is more Americans have died in two months than died in the Vietnam War, more Americans have died than died of AIDS in the entire decade of the 1980s, we have a 9/11 every two days, an Oklahoma City every two hours…

YES! Terrence, YES! That WOULD have been better than present reality.


You put so much into your art. I had to stare at this for a long time — and these characters are not cute to look at! But as usual, it’s beautifully done, and the explanation is as articulate and eye-opening as the art itself. Thank you, Terrence.

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