A report last week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, coupled with the freakish weather of 2012, made it all the more abundantly clear that Global Warming is in fact a thing that is happening, whether we choose to stick our heads in the sand or not.

NOAA’s report stated that “2012 was the 10th warmest year since records began in 1880,” the 36th consecutive year (since 1976) that the yearly global temperature was above-average, with 2010 being the hottest ever recorded. These trends do not lie, and as far as mankind’s responsibility goes, I’m certain that if you were to lay a graph of yearly global temperatures over a graph of fossil fuel burning since 1976, you would see a direct correlation between the two!

I first penciled this cartoon out in 2011, when someone I was arguing with literally and unironically attempted to cite how cold it was outside as a refutation of Global Warming. I thought the above characterization might explain the difference between global and local temperatures in terms that even the most pig-ignorant among us could understand.

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Whether or not I agree with you, I’m always impressed with your art. Your messages are usually very clear, clever, and just fun. Great job!

I love your work, your comics are brilliant and I think you have an *excellent* chance to win. Check your donations. 😉

His face might be cold, but his arse is on fire.

global warming, global cooling, climate change… It has all been happening since the planet has had an atmosphere. The amount that humans contribute is minor compared to other natural forces. Man made climate change is real in that Los Angeles use to be a desert, now is has greenery, but with a lot of concrete and asphalt. Cities are hotter because of the roads, vehicles, and buildings and the exhaust everything produces there, but the reality is, that we are an ant trying to push an elephant up a hill in comparison. Temperatures are rising, as they have int he past. What is failed to be remembered is that over a hundred years ago, we had the year without a summer. we also have come out of a mini ice age. Yes, I expect temperatures to rise, because that is part of the normal cycle of the earth. But I don’t see humans actually being able to prevent it in any way, not unless all humans ont he planet actually died off all at once.

@Foxtrack Prove it. Cite 3 peer-reviewed studies from reputable journals that support your point of view and come to the same conclusion. Go ahead, I’ll wait here with my (imaginary) large stack of papers proving the exact opposite. If you want to say that science is wrong, then well, good luck to you.

All that to say, excellent comic!

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