Job Creationism

Job Creationism

It was tough to keep up with all the Romney campaign’s flubs this week.

I started this cartoon as a general attack on the term “job creators” and the kinds of people it’s been used to defend, when, about 24 hours later, Romney went and made it more immediately relevant with a condescending speech to the NAACP, which was deservedly booed, followed by making it clear at another fundraiser that he had planned for the speech to be poorly received all along, so he could use the reaction to drum up support with the Klan Republican base.

Stated the candidate: “Remind them of this: If they want more [free] stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy.”

I guess he wanted to go for another dog-on-the-roof family trip, and figured he could use dog-whistle racism to call his Irish setter!

I was pleased with my prescience on the matter, but the feeling was fleeting, as the following two days brought with them a far more serious wound to the Republican’s campaign: beginning with a report in the Boston Globe about his role at Bain Capital from 1999-2002, a period of time he has up to now claimed he wasn’t working there, and continuing with his fumbling responses which have made the whole situation worse, leaving the beginning of next week’s news cycle to be dominated by the question of whether Mitt Romney is a felon, or merely an irresponsible, pathological liar who was paid upwards of $100K a year to do nothing.

And just in time for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to return from a two-week break!

In any case, that story is still developing, and I’ll probably have something on it in the next few days.

As for the above cartoon, I suppose it can be considered a sequel to this cartoon from the middle of May, which also attempted to put the issue of present-day class stratification, and the rich buying the rights of the poor out from under them in the context of slavery.

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LOVE your cartoons!!! ‘Uncle Mark’ directed me to your site – keep up the great work!!!

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