The Romney Platform

The Romney Platform

I started drawing this cartoon a day or so before the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday which upheld the Obama Administration’s healthcare reform plan. I’d like to have something on that by or before Independence Day, though I don’t have any good ideas, at the moment. This cartoon from 2010 may serve as a summary of my thoughts, in the meantime.

I was recently reading that Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President depends on the continued stagnation and deepening failure of the US and European economies. This is typical of elections with an incumbent, as the election often serves as a referendum on that incumbent’s record, but is especially important when it comes to economics this year because the Republican Party has so slavishly and uniformly lashed itself to economic policies which exaggerate class stratification and austerity measures which are almost certainly to blame for Europe’s economic crisis right now.

Furthermore, Obama’s record and stated goals on matters of both domestic and foreign policy is generally more popular than his GOP counterpart’s, except for cases where he seems to have lifted policies directly from the Republican playbook. National defense, previously a Republican stronghold, became a lost cause for them this time around once news broke that Osama bin Laden had been terminated in a raid authorized by the President, so the economy is really the only thing left for Romney to campaign on.

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