The Hand-Off

The Hand-Off

I was trying to develop something on Obama’s Jobs Bill when the Solyndra scandal hit the news. For those who haven’t been following the “liberal media,” Solyndra was a solar-panel company, as well as one of the poster children for the economic stimulus program, which recently went bankrupt because of their apparently unsustainable business model–an ABC News clip which I’ve seen several times explains that they were selling them for only half of what they cost to manufacture.

As is pretty much to be expected at this point, the White House attempted to defer the blame by citing the previous Administration’s plans to deliver stimulus to the ill-fated company, while Republican representatives shot back that Bush’s people had determined the venture was too risky, and were planning to ultimately reject the project. I wasn’t sure what to think about this particular situation, but I do know there is already a history of Obama getting blamed for bills incurred by President Bush (such as TARP), and I realize most of the National Debt is the work of decades’ worth of Presidents and Congresses and wasting tons of money on dumb wars.

I developed the above cartoon along that more general track. It took quite a bit of time to finish, both because I had a false-start where I drew one of the figures facing the wrong direction, and because it took a ridiculous amount of time to color, but I’m quite happy with the results. There are a lot of puns at work here, even for me–see if you can identify them all!

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Love this one! Hissing dollar fuse, red/blue jerseys numbered correctly.

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