American Golgothic

American Golgothic

This cartoon addresses Congress’s failure to pass the DREAM Act.

Since it’s Christmas, I thought it might be appropriate, funny, and thought-provoking to ironically compare the Christ child to the offspring of poor, illegal immigrants, thus highlighting the hypocrisy of people on the Religious Right who preach Jesus-this and God-that while at the same time bellowing about how much they hate illegal immigrants and want to kick both them and their children out of the country.

I’m extremely happy with how this turned out – particularly the thousand-yard-stare on the face of that donkey in the background.

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4 Responses to “American Golgothic”

Great comparison! =)

I like the G.O.P. smoke you made there.

Wow, I didn’t even notice the GOP smoke the first time. That’s pro.

Well, you know, the parents of Jesus did actually pay for their accomodations. In fact, they were citizens of that area, reporting for the evil liberal Roman census (no doubt so that the Emperor Tiberius could take their guns away.)

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