The Fabric of America

The Fabric of America

This cartoon was inspired by the recent gun rights ruling by the Supreme Court in the case of McDonald v. Chicago, although my approach ended up being more of a topically-broad design than commentary addressing the specific case.

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I am so impressed and awed by your work, Terrence! You have a gift and a talent that not many people in this world possess. I hope you continue to crank out your masterpieces so we can all appreciate them!

Any reason for the gaps and staggering of the bullets instead of having them go straight across? I keep getting the feeling there’s something I’m supposed to see but I’m not seeing it, like one of those magic eye things.

It’s a hidden message, for the benefit of anyone who has the free time to decode it.

By » Lolsworth (August 17th, 2010 at 2:27 pm)

Yeah, there’s a hidden message but it’s in machine code or something. It just says the name of the ruling iiiiiiiiiiiirc

Hey, if you dislike freedom, I hear North Korea has some openings for a propaganda artist like yourself.

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