American Chopper

American Chopper

This is an idea that’s appeared and re-appeared in my sketchbook in various forms for years. The main thing that’s prevented me from drawing it before now was I had a lot of trouble coming up with a design for Uncle Sam that I felt looked good.

I guess it’s kind of unusual to make a reference from popular culture, and someone else’s animated cartoon in particular, without crediting the reference on the artwork. I didn’t do so this time because I think The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is widely-enough recognized that its reputation isn’t in need of any help from me. Still, if anybody reading this represents Disney and wants to tell me they have a problem with that, I will add a credit line to the cartoon.

Once again, I’m pretty badly off for cash right now. An illustration project I was commissioned for is paying significantly less than I expected it to, so donations would help to shore up the difference, and be much appreciated.

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hi, where do i donate (paypal address or whatever)? the link just points to this post

Hey Mitch, thanks for pointing that out. I obviously copy-pasted the wrong url into that link.

It’s fixed now.

I love this cartoon, but it suffers from that terrible curse of editorial satire: The labelled character. Would the replacement of those water pails with a couple of anarchist-style fizzing bombs (e.g. not have given enough clues as to whom the broom represents?

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