The First Rule of Nuke Club

The First Rule of Nuke Club

Before commenting on this cartoon, for which I wouldn’t be surprised to get a lot of hate mail, I’d like to encourage readers to first make note of the previous piece I drew on this topic.

Here’s what I’m not arguing with this:

• That Iran has nuclear weapons, or is even necessarily pursuing them.
• That Iran’s current government can or cannot be trusted with nuclear technology.
• That Iran should or should not be welcomed into the proverbial nuclear clubhouse.
• That the international community literally has a “no Muslims” rule in effect on nuclear-armed nations.

The reason I drew this was to further illustrate my feeling that nobody can be trusted with nuclear weapons, but also to add that the double-standard the international community is applying to Iran seems unfair, especially when the two countries most aggressively criticizing them on the acquisition of nuclear technology are the only one who’s actually used nuclear weapons in an offensive manner (the United States), and an ally of the former who refuses to be open with the rest of the world about their own nuclear program (Israel). Israel, of course, has every right to feel threatened by the idea of Iran’s current government and other hostile regimes possessing such technology, but by the same token, I think a lot of Israel’s neighbors feel just as threatened by their alleged weapons.

Also, I found the image of the tree that’s also a mushroom cloud irresistible. I hope others find it clever, even if they dislike everything else about this drawing.

Many people may recognize the dialogue in this as being paraphrased from episode 2F09 of The Simpsons, “Homer the Great.”

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16 Responses to “The First Rule of Nuke Club”

Beautiful colors on this one. I really prefer it to the red you’ve been using – easier on the eyes.

I really appreciate how Ahmadinejad’s Alfalfa cowlick.

…and Kim Jon Il on the tire swing.

Superb all around!

(Kim Jong Il – left off the g)

the inclusion of kim jong il (specifically on the tire swing) and Netanyahu (specifically sticking his tongue out at Ahmadinejad) makes this a great and complete piece.

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I’ve been following you for a while and it’s almost a shame my first comment is this banal –

The mushroom-tree really *is* excellent.

By » Uncle Mark (March 5th, 2010 at 11:58 am)

Brilliant work, Terry! 😀

I think Pakistan got nuke arms from china, not the US.
Eitherways, recently the US was found selling arms to both Pakistan and India, which is perfect for the economy, but not how you get world peace.

Love Gandhi on the rooftop. I can recognize Kim Jong Il, Wu Jin Tao, Uncle Sam, Britain, France. Who are the others ?

By » That Guy (March 5th, 2010 at 8:44 pm)

My favorite touch was the Russian Bear. Great imagery on this one.

So many subtle details! Really a superb image, and the mushroom cloud-shaped-tree is genius.

Also, is that a Simpsons reference?

This one is really superb, Terrence. Nice! I’d be happy to see plenty of other subtle Simpsons references; go ahead and work ’em in all you like.

By » xTynacorpx (March 6th, 2010 at 7:28 pm)

I hear the argument all the time that well the US has them why can’t Iran have them? The reason is because Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty. The treaty allows certain countries to have Nuclear weapons and others not to so long as the countries with the weapons promise to reduce their stock piles. Educate yourselves people and stock using talking points!

Yes and guess who else signed a Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty WHILE HAVING NUKES. Israel.

Looks like you need the education.

I love your consistent use of politicians as children! When the hell will they grow up and be responsible and mature, instead of being deceptive and greedy?

I didn’t notice that the tree resembled a mushroom cloud until you mentioned it.

I just saw the Simpson episode this gag was ripped off from.

The tree does look cool but it’s gratuitous.

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