Never Forget

Never Forget

If you can’t figure out what this is about, topically speaking, the tags should give you a hint.

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A woman was murdered and became a footnote of history underneath Ted Kennedy. It was wrong, and it is fair to call attention to it. He should have been prosecuted. Anyone else would have been.

It is not possible to redeem yourself when you have killed someone. You may feel better about yourself but that person is still dead.

So it is about the old VW in the river, huh? Yeah, he got away with that one. Bush got away with a hell of a lot more.

Laura Bush killed a guy with her car too. Somehow that doesn’t haunt her.

Is saying Teddy wasn’t as evil as Bush supposed to be impressive, or just evoke sympathy?

And, as if on cue, here comes someone wasting no time insinuating that he -murdered- that poor woman.

Spider-man failed to save Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy. Therefore, Spider-man is a murderer and it is not possible for him to redeem himself.

Kennedy wasn’t driving a VW, but Volkswagen used the news in one of their ads, saying that if Kennedy *had* been driving a VW bug, the car would have floated and the woman wouldn’t have died.

By the way, it wasn’t murder, and Kennedy was prosecuted for the event. He made a plea bargain.

Actually Volkswagen wasn’t responsible for that at all, it was a joke ran in a newspaper of some sort saying that had Kennedy been driving a VW, he would’ve become president. Volkwagen sued whoever ran the joke too I think.

Oh really? I like new information. Thanks. 🙂

By » Terence Late (February 9th, 2010 at 2:40 pm)

The false Volkswagen ad was in National Lampoon’s Encyclopaedia of Humour and written by Anne Beatts. Volkswagen sued and Nat Lamp agreed to tear the page out of all unsold copies of the magazine. The ish had been out for a while by then, so if you have a copy you’re likelier to have one with the banned ad. Hang on, there’s bound to be a scan online. Yep, here we go:

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