More Actual Quotes

More Actual Quotes

The title of this cartoon references another one I drew over three years ago. I just added it to my archive, so here’s a link to it for those interested.

With luck, I’ll be able to upload more old cartoons soon!

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This is an awesome cartoon. What a great point!

By » Iron Patriot (September 18th, 2009 at 1:11 pm)


Simply outstanding.

Every Politician lies, Democrats are just better at it. That’s why all the idiot blue collars vote for them. Any one with any brains can see through all of Obama’s and the rest of those donkies’ B.S..

By » Patricia O'Malley (September 18th, 2009 at 5:37 pm)


Ha! Excellent point. Too bad th truth is irrelevant.

Sigh. I think poor Obama has gotten by on his honesty for so long that he hasn’t realized the real way to play the game – cover up every boneheaded thing you do with the illusion of patriotism! It’s a shame that the US praised one of the biggest BS-ers of all time and is shunning Obama for actually trying. I think it’s because they see his efforts as a critique of their country.
I’m all for Obama trying to make the US more like Canada. Then Canada can talk to US using bigger words (maybe four even with syllables)!

Outstanding, Terry! Proud of you, as always. 🙂

By » Patricia O'Malley (September 19th, 2009 at 5:10 pm)

@ a Patriot … you voted for the liar twice, who were the idiots? And worse they thought of you as “nuts” …

Obviously the Bush administration has lied, but suggesting that Obama’s administration is more honest is not accurate.

Take a look at this article speaking about how Obama is pushing to reinstate all of the unconstitutional Bush-era Patriot act legislation for warrantless spying on Americans..

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Fabulous, fella – you have the whole package. Humanity, laser-like precision in finding the heart of the matter, wicked humor and a clear understanding of the power of spareness. All that with an inspired hand as well!

I am so jealous (in a nice way).

Love how you purposely cover up the part where he says illegal immigration with “you lie” taking the focus off the fact that Obama WAS lying to the public. It’s ironic you made this picture symbolizing that Republicans blindly accept what Bush did but in the same breath do the exact same thing by accepting Obama’s word at face value. There is no provision in the health care bill that would enforce illegal immigrants from using our system, that is a fact because the Republicans tried to get the provision in the bill more than once and was voted down every time. If that isn’t an agenda I don’t know what is.

“I’m all for Obama trying to make the US more like Canada. Then Canada can talk to US using bigger words (maybe four even with syllables)!”

Move to Canada then, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Actually, I covered up the part where he says “here illegally” because I don’t think Joe Wilson or the rest of the Republican party really cares what Obama’s proposal is–the simple fact that a Democrat is proposing it, even a Democrat who seems to be spinelessly caving to demands they’ve made which castrate it anyway, is enough for them to oppose it. As this cartoon portrays, they’re like a bratty, screaming toddler who won’t shut up and cooperate unless he gets everything exactly the way he wants it.

Let me remind you of what the exact quote is: “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.” For this to be a true statement, the reforms need not contain provisions excluding illegal immigrants–the threshold for accuracy is satisfied by omitting provisions which specifically include illegal immigrants. I can see how that might not be good enough for you, but objectively speaking, you have to admit he was not lying.

Not that this matters here. The cartoon’s punch-line does not turn on Obama’s statement being factual or not. That merely adds an additional level of irony for those who find no falsehood in it. Instead, it turns on the irony of Joe Wilson and others sitting through 8 years of President Bush lying through his teeth about: the decay of the economy made worse by his policies, if not entirely caused by them; the poisoning of civil liberties, an act which threatens the rights and safety of both Americans and non-Americans; and the destruction of the lives of thousands of American servicemen and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians for no reason other than the personal enrichment of himself, and his war-profiteering pals.

Throughout all that, Joe Wilson and the rest of the GOP didn’t make a peep, except when shouting down those who questioned the President’s lies by calling them traitors and terrorists. Yet now that he perceives Obama as, at worst, bending the truth so he can pass something designed to heal people instead of kill them, that, that is what it takes to set off his moral alarms! Seriously. And we’re supposed to consider this some kind of courageous stand against corruption or something, a large number of people supporting it monetarily?? I must assume that these people fit into at least one of three categories, listed in order of decreasing size: Ignorance, stupidity, and evil.

I’m curious, Sean, while we’re on the subject of selfishness, does your opposition to illegal immigrants receiving healthcare coverage follow anything more than “FU GOT MINE”? Stop thinking with your id, and enjoy some food for the more undernourished parts of your brain: Healthcare is one of those things that, in benefitting the individual, also benefits the community. The more people in a given area are covered for preventative treatment, the more potential vectors for disease are likely to be eliminated before they have a chance of spreading all over the globe.

Let’s pretend you’re an infectious disease–shouldn’t take much imagination! As an infectious disease, you don’t discriminate between rich or poor, male or female, black, brown, red, yellow, or white. You don’t care if some guy is a Republican or a Democrat or a Fascist or a Communist, and you don’t distinguish between citizens, legal immigrants, or illegal immigrants. Everybody’s fair game, as far as you’re concerned, and you don’t infect people only up to the point that you reach a legislative boundary or a national border. Like the Bush Administration, you respect no law.

That’s why it’s better for everyone, including the wealthy, for more people to be covered. That’s how plagues are prevented, or at least mitigated.

Like King Midas, your selfishness and greed will result in your own undoing if left unchecked.

…I love you.

Get a life and leave America


Deephurting had reasons for what he believes. Do you?

Agreement with you is not a requirement for living in this country. That’s WHY this country is great, you fucking idiot.

Patrick and deephurting have very good points. I’m not going to reiterate what deephurting stated, but what Patrick said is completely true. The freedom to disagree with another person and publish your opinions are a crucial part of the progress of the United States (which is a bad name by the way, there are other United States in America, Mexico for example).

Competition/Conflict breeds progress (to an extent), telling people to bugger off is actually anti-patriotic, because if we did not have democrat-republican conflict, we’d be something like an African country right about now (except Africa has a lot more historical culture than we do).

But too much of something is counterproductive too. “The Bureaucracy is expanding to meet the expanding needs of the Bureaucracy”.

By » LagomorphMan (October 4th, 2009 at 8:39 am)

I normally dislike posting otherwise useless comments, but I’ll make an exception here for what Deephurting said in response to what Sean said:


But seriously, well done, my friend. A perfectly crafted retort in a comment on a perfectly done cartoon.

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