Dead Weight

Dead Weight

I was born 27 years ago today (September 23rd). I couldn’t really afford to do anything for my birthday this year, so I packed up and paid a surprise visit to my parents.

Readers of the New York Times may have caught this earlier cartoon in Sunday’s Week in Review section. This is the first time I’ve appeared in a paper with so large an audience, although they mixed up attribution of my work with a cartoon by Jim Morin, and they misspelled my name. I haven’t gotten to communicate with them since then, but any readers who care should contact the Times and request that they reprint both cartoons with proper attribution, or at least run a correction.

The meaning of the last cartoon seems to have proven troublesome for quite a few people. Hopefully this one is better (though I feel my drawing got a bit sloppy in the last panel there).

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Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the great work.

Just sent the email to the NYT. I hope it helps. Your comics are awesome, you deserve the credit. Let us know if they contact you!

Just a little easier to understand its punchline yeah 😉

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