Not Just Any ‘Toon!

Not Just Any 'Toon!

Good news! My scanner came back to life.

Turns out the reason it stopped working before (I think) was the heat, so now that it’s cooled off around here, it’s working again.

I would have had a new cartoon sooner, but I spent about a week working on an animated piece which I ultimately scrapped because I don’t have the proper supplies for especially long or complex animation, and I ended up too far behind the news cycle before I got anywhere close to finished. I don’t have a tablet and can’t afford to buy one, so I had to draw every frame on tracing paper.

Related: I’m still coloring the above using my laptop’s trackpad. It’s a pain, but I’m not so sure a tablet would speed things up any.

I guess it would allow me to rely less on gradients, maybe.

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3 Responses to “Not Just Any ‘Toon!”

This one is brilliant, both in message and in art style. That’s probably the best drawing of Judge Doom I’ve ever seen, and Eddie looks great, too.

liking this site, keep it up! 🙂

Judge Doom is GOP all the way. He supports the construction of the Freeway years before Eisenhower championed the Interstate Highway System, he’s pro business, and he’s distrustful of entertainment types. More over, the fact that he’s a toon cements the Republican Party’s “Big Tent” reputation.

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